Whatever is Admirable

When you think of someone who is admirable, or of “good report,” what comes to mind? Why do you admire that person?

Is it, in fact, admirable? Why is that particular person admirable? What’s admirable about his actions? While we may admire someone for his or her accomplishments, we often think about specific qualities someone possesses.

We are told in Philippians 4:8 to think on those things that are admirable — another quality that is “excellent or praiseworthy.”

Admirable Qualities

If a someone is good at sales or administrative work, we may note that admirable quality. However, admirable characteristics such as humility, honesty, and generosity should be observed. For example, we may admire someone who stands to benefit monetarily from an ill-gotten gain but instead chooses to do what is right. We admire those who unselfishly put others before themselves. We applaud those who make sacrifices instead of serving self-interest.

To be admirable, or of good report, means, in the original language of the New Testament “well reported,” referring to someone or something of which is “well spoken.” Other translations use the words “commendable” and “of good report.”

In Acts 6, a problem arose in the church as the number of converts was increasing. The complaint was that needs in the church were overlooked, particularly those of widows in need of food. The solution was to select seven men who would fill this need. These men were to be men “of good repute” — they had to have good reputations, people of whom were highly spoken.

Alter Your Atmosphere

In the previous podcast/article, I encouraged my listeners to “alter their atmosphere” by promoting those things which are lovely. After all, in the workplace, there can be an atmosphere that lends itself to negativity, gossip, course joking, hatred, and selfishness.

In the marketplace, you can help change the climate in a positive way by speaking about those things which are commendable or admirable concerning your employees and coworkers. Point out those things that are commendable regarding their job performance. Point out those things that are admirable regarding their actions and personality.

Such encouragement will go a long way. As an employer, this helps to build morale and camaraderie in the workplace. It can significantly contribute to the atmosphere. For example, when an employer, manager, or boss commends people in front of others that also goes along way.

Speaking Words of Admiration

Here’s a good exercise for you: start putting together a running list of admirable qualities of those with whom you work. Write down their names and a description of their admirable qualities. Use that list to later express to them in words or notes of encouragement.

Expressing words of admiration about those excellent qualities of others can certainly go a long way!

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